Compiled by Jan Fife, Mardee Cooke, Audrey Hall and Linda Todd ©2010

In St. Lawrence County, formal quilting classes began in 1982 with Mardee Cooke, as part of her position with Cornell Cooperative Extension. One hundred interested people signed up. Due to the amount of interest, two classes were organized with afternoon and evening sessions. These classes were held monthly on the last Monday of the month. As time passed and the economy changed, it
became clear that the connection with Cooperative Extension must
take a different direction. The question became: Do we become a club or a guild? Representatives of guilds from Watertown and the Champlain Valley facilitated discussions on this question. After about a year a vote was taken by the participants and a guild won. The difference between the two ideas was that a guild is a legally organized group with a community service component. A club was more loosely organized and did not have these requirements. Consequently,

Borderline Quilters began in 1993 with incorporation taking place in 1994 and By-Laws developed soon after. The initial directors were: Jo Ann Zenger, Rena G. Patty, Carmen Patterson, and Deborah Catalano. The purpose of the newly formed guild was: …to satisfy the interests of the Guild members and to promote interest in quilting for area residents by providing meetings for exchange of ideas, working on quilting projects, educational opportunities through workshops and programs, shows for community and other such activities that further these purposes as designated by the Membership.


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